Aug 5

何曾相识  -  A cartoon depicts MLM / Network Marketing rally & tactics 不指定

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The cartoon depicts a valley pitchman standing in front of a blackboard. One man enthralled by the pitchman’s virtuoso performance is holding a wad of cash and reaching toward both the pitchman and the sky. Meanwhile, a woman who may be a doubter appears to be trying to keep her purse secure as she processes information and strains to get a closer look at details. In the foreground of the cartoon, one of the attendees is shown with a dumbfounded look on his face — as though he is trying to process too much information from conflicting images in the incongruous scene, and the rest all too familiar...

Whether appropriate or outlandish, this isn’t just one objective angle out of which one (or many) looks at the common tactics used by MLMs or network marketing groups, but also a recognizable impression left by these tactics.  Preaching insists that fundamentally it is a matter of how one sees (things), and believing in changing an angle will unsure one sees things differently.  If there is indeed another angle that can more closely mirror these fundamentals, what would that be?? How is that for a Second Look? any comments?  

Picture Source: China Daily

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