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Passion, Dertermination, Environment - Miss Teen Alberta 不指定

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On June 13th, at Riviera Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, meianren.NET did a preliminary interview with Wendy Huang, again on July 10th, an in depth telephone interview with Miss Huang.

meianren: First congratulations on winning Miss Teen Alberta, would your next step be to win Miss Teen Canada, is that correct?
Wendy Huang: 对, 我是代表亚伯达去参加Miss Teen Canada 的选美, 如果我赢的话, 我会代表加拿大去参加Miss Teen World的选美。

MAR: 知道什么时候吗?
WH: 八月二十四到二十六,在Taxes。

MAR: Do you agree that there is a high like-hood or a possibility that you may become a spoke person, for the Chinese MA distributors or for the MA in general? Any thoughts on that?
WH: 呵,自从赢了Miss Teen Alberta,我就开始有很多Public Speaking 的opportunities。 我想如果我赢了Miss Teen Canada之后,我一定会比较可能成为一个Spoke Person。

MAR: 一定要在赢了Miss Teen Canada 之后吗?
WH: 现在我已经有了这个经验了,当然没有真的…, 但是你是说,像Job 吗,还是?

MAR: 不一定是Job, 比如说,for instance, in Las Vegas last month, you were given a speech in front of the Chinese distributors, I am sure the purpose of that is, a) to encourage people to do the same and b) at the same time sets an example. Because we guess we both agree here that, in this business we constantly looking for examples, we need examples, especially someone who is fresh and new to the business, who can quickly establish oneself and becomes some kind of driven force. Is that what we are looking for in this business?
WH: Yes?
MAR: …so having said that, wouldn’t you agree that there is a strong possibility to have you become a spoke person at some level for the MA circle. In fact, it wouldn’t be too much off to say that, unofficially you were a spoke person for the Chinese MA distributors as far as the Las Vegas Convention concerns?

WH: 我觉得我会比较有可能成为English的spoke person, 在美安,当然我的中文也会继续加强,也会有可能成为…, 要是真的成为spoke person的话我想会从英文开始。 我觉得做成功之后这个可能性会大一些…
MAR: You refer to a language issue for the fact that you feel more comfortable with speaking one verses the other.
WH: 对对。

MAR: You mentioned that since you were 6 or 7 year old, you have been going to the convention with your mom. Should we say that because of that rather early involvement, the MA business model comes rather natural for you, because you were in the environment, you followed your mom to the Convention and the business seems natural to you, should we assume that is correct?
WH: 呵…
MAR: … because given the opposite scenario, where there are many other teenagers or young people, even college students, even adults, who had to be educated to accept this business concept, and even then there isn’t a guarantee. In the case of yours, you want to be part of it, and you even said that after you turn 18 you would join the business and become a distributor.
WH: Yes, 就是这么多年下来,当然有被影响, 在这样一个环境里成长的人,我当然比较容易接受这个生意,因为从小看到妈妈成功,就比较容易接受美安这个系统,也知道可以成功,所以当然是有差别啦。

MAR: O.K., there is another scenario, that sometimes, a teenager grows up in one environment but wants to do something else when he grows up, something totally different from what they grown up with, have you ever felt anything like that…
WH: … that I want to do something else?
MAR: Yes, that you want to do something else.
WH: 呵,我本来就有我想要做的事情,美安给我的感觉就是,也是我妈妈告诉我的,就是美安先只是占一个备胎,我想去做什么可以先去做,也要去工作,也要去得那些经验,读完大学我还是要会出去工作,会一边做美安,一边工作,就是美安是我的备胎。

MAR: 你好像在你的Blog里说过你将来准备想own your clothing line business, that you’re likely to run a business in that direction. How do you see by doing the MA business will help you achieve what you want to achieve in life?
WH: 我本来就对fashion有兴趣,本来想要读Fashion Merchandising and Management, 就是服装管理方面;
MAR: o.k.
WH: 本来想是等到我读完了(大学),如果还是对服装感兴趣的话,可以再学一个设计上的科目就可以创自己的clothing line, 开个store什么的 …
WH: 但是这只是个兴趣,我也知道我自己的实力还不够,比如我画画的方面,experience 还不够,也不是那么厉害,所以我当然想要先放着,等我美安做成功有钱了,我再自己去花钱去请人家帮我做这个服装,或是还是我design, 也不错啊。我现在要去多伦多去读business, 读完business, 我有可能会做别的,反正won a clothing line 是我的一个梦想。

: 你现在在学画画吗?
WH: 不是很强, 所以我真的需要花时间去学。 等外美安做成功之后,我会去. . . 就可以有时间有钱去学, 或自己创. . .

: We hear this from most mid-aged adults, that once they have a secured income, they would have plenty of time to enable themselves to do whatever they want, whether that be to design or to open up a business. You’re only seventeen, not even eighteen, you already see that gaining a financial security is important in which it will sustain your other endeavors in the future…
WH: 当然会,因为从小看也听别人讲, 这些也是我的观念的。

MAR: You also like track and field, we saw a picture on your blog, it's a picture of you running a hurdle. You’re quite a competitive person …
WH: 就是运动吗,也是一个经验, 一个不同的经验,另外一种兴趣喽。

MAR: 还有什么兴趣昵?
WH: 跳舞,track, 篮球,以前打的比较多,最近打的比较少, 以前还蛮喜欢篮球的。 就是运动方面,运动我还是蛮喜欢的。
WH: 还有什么别的兴趣昵? 别的兴趣就是,比如我还蛮喜欢吃不同的菜,那算兴趣吧?
MAR: 你是说的. . .?
WH: 就是吃不同的料理啦…, 这个算兴趣吗?
MAR: 就是烹调?
WH: 不是,没有啦,我自己不做,就是去外面试不同的料理啊,韩国菜呀,日本菜呀,印度菜啊,各种不同的菜;
MAR: 就是喜欢吃,对吧, 当然可以呀,不是有句话叫民以食为天吗。
WH: 还有就是我还蛮喜欢到台上表演,参加中文比赛啊,还有 drama, theater, 演戏等。
MAR: 在学校你参与drama and theater?
WH: Yes.

MAR: You’ve said that the 2009 Greenboro Convention would be your last convention to attend as a non-distributor, in that the convention date falls on the beginning of the month, and you’ll turn eighteen shortly after in the same month. And you will join the business shortly after that. Do you see, let me put it this way, what do you see that being Miss Teen Alberta will help to generate success in the MA business?
WH: 我觉得我通过参加选美学到了很多可以用在美安里的东西,比如像参加选美需要找赞助商,找赞助商也要找对人才行。要去找人家,要去“卖”自己,给自己打广告; 学到很多business skills, 象public speaking等。

: In other words, these skills you acquired from school and from the pageant experience can serve in other areas of life.
WH: Yes.

MAR: 我本来想问选美的成功对你做MA有什么具体帮助?
WH: 有什么帮助?我觉得,有一点帮助,就是因为我现在就已经在接触很多人,很多时候跟陌生人讲话,经常找一些business people跟他们谈呵,谈我的sponsorship的事情,所以这些人我以后读可以contact, 或许他们可以成为potential distributor或者成为customers 什么的, 所以还是有帮助呀!

MAR: Do you think, again talking about your case, you were in the environment because your mom was doing it and you were attending the conventions with your mom, etc., do you think we need to educate people about this UnFranchise business starting when they were young?
WH: 我觉得有一定好处啊,就是要看人喽,要让人家家里去,还有妈妈小孩你可以顺便教啊。 当然早点接触会有好处,小孩子比较天真,比较容易接受新的idea,长大后会比较古板,比较不容易接受新的idea, 所以…, 当然从小开始或许可以多一些保证吧!

MAR: Market America has something called MA University, do you know what that is?
WH: 就是有不同的major呀,不同的产品,不同的系列,你可以major in。
MAR: 就是説你有听过这个是怎么一回事?
WH: 知道啊,上课有听过。
MAR: 你上过MA University的课?
WH: 没有,没有,在Convention有听过。

MAR: Let’s talk about the pageant, not just did you come out as the number one but you were the only Chinese who had won the title Miss Teen Alberta, is that correct?
WH: 是不是从此以来唯一的华人,这个我不确定。 但是Alberta 三十五个人里面选十三个人,然后这十三个人要代表亚伯达去多伦多比赛,这里面我市唯一的亚洲人。

MAR: 我有这个问题我想问一下子。 This could be a bit of a sensitive question, let me see if I can phrases it right. It’s probably one of the two sensitive questions we have for you. By asking we could be dealing with some kind of fallacy also. First, we have to establish some kind of ground work here. Of course, depends on how people look at it and how we look at it, that the MA business appeals to some people but not others. Or shall we say that it appeals to some likings specific and particular but not other likings in general. Unlike Free the Children Charity, your charity, which suits the general rim and, if we look it from another point of view, at least it has elevated itself to be among general acceptance. Now by saying that, I probably has already given out the answer to what I intend to ask. However, although MA has established itself in the past 16 or 17 years, some even say it has risen among the Fortune 500 more or less, but the direct sell nature is deeply rooted and that nature is not yet greatly accepted by the general public, not yet. So the issue of public acceptance remains to be choice-some and bit of chancy. Now, we don’t know anything about the judging panel for the pageant, we don’t how that is established, whether let there be a judging panel or online voting or a combination of both, the question to you is this, will mentioning abut your involvement in the MA business bring up any possible issues of acceptance that could hurt your chances from winning the pageant?
WH: 呵…
MAR: You did mention in your blog and on your home page about you involvement with MA, because the business concept is not something accepted by everyone, would that remain to be chancy when comes to winning the pageant, where as all aspects are somewhat evaluated, and given we do not know who these judges are, what they’re thinking, what their preferences are, so that …

WH: So you’re saying that my involvement with Market America will it . . ., any judges would judges me on that because they don’t know Market America well enough?
MAR: Either they don’t know Market America well enough or, they have negative opinions . .
WH: … that they think it being a different thing than what it is?
MAR: Correct.
WH: … will they judge me on that?
MAR: in other words, yes, will they judge you on that?
WH: 我觉得不会,因为毕竟我们这个选美是以team为主。我觉得如果他们要是看到我已经知道以后要做什么,要自己创business的话,我觉得对他们来说他们会感觉说这个女生还蛮有目标的,并不是去追求其它什么方面。 至于他们或许对美安不太了解,美安并不是不好的事,所以 . . . 我觉得不会有影响。

MAR: How will the results come out? Will it be delivered by the judges or via some other channel? We are informed there will also be an online voting…
WH: 就是说Miss Teen Canada是怎么选出来的?
MAR: 对,
WH: 它是,已经有五个judges来judge我们,是由他们来决定谁赢的。 Online voting只是, 就是,judges 会选出15个进决赛,但是决赛里有二十个人比赛,那多余的五个人是fast track, 就是网上谁得的票数最多,还有不同的categories, 五个category的winner会报送前二十名。从前二十名里在cut down 到前十名,再cut down to top five, 然后五个人每个人会被问一个interview question, 然后他们就会选出Miss Teen Canada会是谁。所以online voting唯一的好处就是谁得最多票就会报送前二十名。It’s connect but not depending on it.

MAR: . . . so online voting guarantees the top twenty, from there it would depend on the judges?
WH: 从头到尾都是depend on the judges。 只是online voting 报送前二十名,那是报送。

MAR: You’re doing extremely well, do your parent give you advises with regards to how to handles certain situations, or how to answer certain questions? Have they gone over with you about scenarios which might come up during the pageant and how should you handle them? . . . have they helped you in the preparation process?
WH: Have they advised me on how I should answer questions in the interview?
MAR: Yes,
WH: Miss Teen Alberta这个pageant 的时候没有,都是我自己准备的。现在我是有一个选美教练教在帮我。

MAR: 能不能问一下你说的这个选美教练他怎么帮你?那个方面帮你呢?
WH: 因为我以前的弱点多是在interview上的。所以他现在就一直帮我怎么样interview, 就一些问题,用什么语调,和如何面对这些问题,等等。
MAR: O. K.
WH: 还有就是教我怎么走台步啊,还有一些审美观的问题。

MAR: Besides this 选美教练,do you plan to hire any PR manager to handle your public affair?
WH: For Miss Teen Canada?

MAR: Yes, I am not suggesting anything, I am just posing it as a question. In addition to your 选美教练, are you planning to hire a manager who handles your PR affair?
WH: 没有,没有,manager, 就是什么样的manager, 就是帮我做什么的?很多东西我自己做,或者妈妈帮我,或者姐姐帮我。大部分事情都是我自己做。然后除了教练教我一些事情。我觉得不需要hiring a manager吧。

MAR: Let’s move to another question, I read you blog, you said in your blog that during the Saturday night performance at the Riviera Las Vegas where you did the Chinese ribbon dance, you acknowledged that it is to your surprise that you come to find that among all performers back stage that you were the only non-distributor who was participating in the performamce. After reading that line I was pondering about exactly what was your thinking at the moment, there seems to be a wanting, an urge if I may say, to be part of a greater circle, to do what others are doing; Am I right on that, can you elaborate on that?
WH: 对不起, 我没有听懂你的问题。
MAR: 在那个Saturday night performance at the Riviera you did a Chinese ribbon dance…
WH: 对,
MAR: …you later wrote in your blog, you said that you realized that …
WH: …that I was the only non-Market America distributor?
even: Correct! Among all other performers.
WH: 对,
MAR: From reading that line on your blog, am I correct to assume that there is a wanting or an urge to be part of a greater circle . . . ?
WH: 不是,我写的那句话是说, 那天我的表演我觉得很special, 很特别,因为我是唯一的参加演出的而不是美安的经销商。
MAR: I see,
: 我没有那个意思就是说想要be part of, 当然也不错,我觉得那确实是一个special thing。

MAR: I also read, again, from your blog, by the way, were 杨属 and Catherine Ma your mom’s upper line? Or at least they frequent your home and you knew them?
WH: 不是, 他们不是我妈妈的上线。
MAR: Again, this could be just purely out of politeness, something we have to do, where as when we see someone older we call them either auntie or uncle;
WH: 哦,对。

MAR: . . . naturally in the Chinese culture we do this, we refer someone who is older with a special way of calling them. Now, after reading this, I somehow referred to my own experience, if you don’t mind if I could take a little time to explore that. I may have asked a similar question before, but allow me to go over it again…, whether accurate or not, if you would allow me to refer it to my own experience on the next question.
WH: Yes, go ahead.
MAR: Well, when it was time for me to go to middle school, my mom told that I should go to the middle school where she teaches. My mom was a teacher. So I ended up going to a middle school where my mom teaches. And all the teachers from that school who used to frequent my home whom I used to call uncles or aunties suddenly become teachers, that I no longer call them Uncle Zhang or Auntie Yang, but instead I call them Teacher Zhang or Teacher Yang. For a moment, it was a very strange feeling. Of course, I am not saying this would apply to you. But I was about your age, maybe even younger, 14 or 15, I didn’t really want to go to my mom’s middle school, I wanted to go somewhere else. But I have to go because my mom wanted me to. Strangely when I read your blog, it somehow made me to think back about this experience. And the question being, aiming at the psychology of teenagers, what are some of the factors that will make one to want to stay with one group and not another?

WH: 哦,以你的story 来讲吗,还是a general question?
MAR: Neither way.
WH: 我觉得,有些人比较习惯呆在自己认识的环境里,但是也有人比较喜欢出去experience新的东西呀。 象我就想要去多伦多读书,就是想要离开Calgary, 离开Alberta出去读书,因为我在Calgary呆了很多年我想出去,去一个新的环境。就是离开我的familiar surrounding, 去试试看去experience, 因为这些experience可以让我自己成长吗。
MAR: in another word, we agree on the same thing.
WH: Yes,

MAR: Do you see the MA business as a family business that could pass down for generations? . . . in other words, your mom could pass it down to you and, you could pass it down to your children.
WH: 我觉得可以啊! 因为是好系统吗,好系统,产品又好,你可以继续给小孩吃啊,也不只只是一个人的健康,平常你也要洗澡啊,刷牙啊…, 这些东西都是美安的产品啊。所以如果活在美安的系统里,环境里,就一定会被影响啊。

MAR: Let’s move to the next question regarding your fund raising effort. You have a charity, Free the Children charity, you were raising money for Free the Children charity. How is that working out for you? You've set rather a high goal than other contestants. The required amount is $500…
WH: $400.
MAR: $400, and you set your goal at $10,000.
WH: Yes.
MAR: . . . you’ve set a higher goal than other contestants.
WH: Yes, 这个我就用英文讲因为我比较习惯。
MAR: Of course,

WH: 我在我的blog上面有写,就是为什么我会选这个goal, 因为before the Alberta Pageant, I saw a commercial on t.v. for Free the Children charity, and it was about a program to build the school, and that’s what inspired my platform, like every contestant has a platform about what they want to promote. And after watching that commercial I want to promote education in developing countries. Because I believe that everyone has a chance to be educated. And so after I won Miss Teen Alberta, all the contestants were give this challenge of raising at least $400 for a charity. I was excited because before knowing about this, before winning Miss Teen Alberta, I want to raise money for Free the Children anyway. I was planning to, it was part of my goal after attending the pageant. So the challenge was given, it was perfect, I want to do it anyway. And since it was a challenge that I was passionate about, I’ve decided to challenge myself with a higher goal to see if I could raise enough money for the charity because I was passionate about it, passionate about the program they have and the charity they do.

: . . . always aim high, and you came up at around $8,000 plus …
WH: 我有达到我的目标,因为我手上有(其他人捐的)现金,把现金加起来就刚好超过一万多。
MAR: I see, congratulations on that.
WH: 谢谢!
MAR: I am sure a lot people are very pleased.

MAR: Your 18th birthday is coming up. Any thoughts on that? How you are going to spend it?
WH: 我会在台湾过生日,当然要是我赢了Miss Teen Canada的话会在Taxes过。

MAR: Anything particular you want for your 18th birthday?
WH: 嗯,就加入美安喽。

MAR: Besides becoming a distributor, anything else for your birthday?
WH: Material上面,真的没有想要什么。 当然另外一个方面就是希望家人都身体健康。
MAR: That’s an excellent birthday wish.
WH: Material上面,买东西上面还真的没有特别想要什么。

MAR: 还有,如果以后机会成熟的话,我们想请你来我们的美安人论坛跟大家见见面,发表一些见解呀,回答一些问题呀?
WH: 当然可以。 如果美安人需要,我当然可以,不过要等我比赛完毕。

We ask our readers to please log on to http://www.missteencanadaworld.com/ to vote Wendy for the People's Choice Award for Miss Teen Canada. Also see our announcement about Wendy Huang in our meianren forum.

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