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Aug 6
On August 1st, 2008, meianren.NET interviewed Ms. Kaye Zhang, in Queens New York. Kaye graduated from Michigan State University last December. About two months prior to this interview, Kaye has joined MA and has become a distributor. Kaye is a fluent bilingual, for the convenience of our readers, we asked Kaye to talk primarily in Chinese. As we did ask most of the questions in English, we present the entire dialogue in two languages respectively as it occurred.

Some of the topics we spoke of:
  • typical earning per year for a college grad
  • the future of Social Security
  • what draws so many young people particularly college students to the business?
  • in addition of being a MA distributor, what do we do in our spare times?
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Aug 5
为方便大家关注北京奥运的进程, meianren.NET特设本月奥运窗口, 一次点击就可以看到搜狐上的2008北京奥运。如果你有兴趣可在会前会后和休息时间点击设在主页右侧模块里的
May 16
五月十二日四川发生的地震, 一场少有的空前灾难牵着每一个中国人的心。 有华人的地方就能看见捐献的人流, 就能感到一颗颗沉重的心。 meianren.NET 赞赏美安人尽自己的一份微薄之力,让美安人的现代形象从这里得以体现。 这里没有IBV,没有team,region或是markets的局限,让我们暂时放下致富路上每天必做的事,把它把握成一个与外界相联的机会吧! 中国红十字会紧急呼吁为地震灾区民众捐款捐物!
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May 10

A Clarifying Moment 不指定

[ 2008-5-10 07:20 | by: latewrite | Editorial 社论 | Original | Reads(27651) | Comments(2)]
[Editorial] A Clarifying Moment, by latewrite

1. 美安人as a Phenomenon:

"…more than half of the Arena were still filled by our countrymen,
and among them more than half were our countrywomen."

At the end of long conference day at the American Airline Arena, as soon as the main session ended at around 5:30PM, an announcement was quickly made in Chinese Mandarin,

所有华人经销商先不要走, 我们接下去开我们的华人经销商春节庆功会!

When the Arena once again settled, people who needed to stay had moved down to the floor area and to the lower portion of the Arena’s balcony, it was there among the regrouped, sat in dense packs on randomly chosen seats that surrounds a less brilliant stage with major spot lights dimmed, each one of attendees looked around, without a word, a beamed expression exchanged as they eyed one another. If there were still doubts for that observation, they quickly vanished. Without exaggeration, what everyone sees is a clarifying moment, that more than half of the Arena, nearly two-third of it is still occupied by the attendees; They’re all our countrymen, and among them more than half were our countrywomen.

That was just the attendees for conference!
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May 10

我到Brooklyn时已经比约定的时间晚了一个半小时。 走进约好的饭店,却左右找不到Sandy的影子。 在门口等到她,看见她领着个小女孩儿走来。后来才知道这是Sandy下线的孩子,因为那个下线平时很忙,还要接放学的孩子回家,没有什么时间做美安。Sandy替她把孩子接回来,这样会让她的下线得出些空余时间来。 上了楼,我追问今天有什么安排, 回答是没有什么特殊的安排. 这和我想象的有些不一样. 我以为又会去哪里听2nd Look呢!Sandy很能干,自己是UFO,总统挑战Winner, 值得一提的是Sandy的上线并不住在纽约。

下午的dimsum吃的很幽闲,我也好久没有这样放松地喝午茶了. ^_^

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