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Jun 13
One day in May, two years back, MA_pedia, Webster Dictionary and 金山词霸 had a 3-way call to discuss concerns of certain preliminary conditions not previously sought.

MA_pedia – a mirror site of wikipedia, everything is the same as the predecessor, except without the collaborative and volunteering edition from the mass; makes its own grammar, governs its own terminology, grades its own paper, and never lets go of the chalkboard, not even intentionally.
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Feb 12

Happy Valentine's, Omitted 不指定

[ 2009-2-12 07:35 | by: latewrite | Column 专栏 | Original | Reads(42873) | Comments(0)]
An Internet marketing giant omits to say this to a shopaholic on a Valentine's Day…

do not send iPods though they feel right
do not send chocolate nor perishable types
do not send cash even if you don’t know why
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Jan 1

축하 새해!
السنة الجديدة سعيد
Feliz ano novo!
bonne année !
feliz año nuevo!
Happy New Year!
Frohes neues Jahr!
felice anno nuovo!
Gelukkig nieuwjaar!
счастливого нового года!

meianren.NET, a multilingual open-to-all
online social network community
wishes you a Happy New 2009!


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Nov 5

Coffee and Politics 不指定

[ 2008-11-5 03:50 | by: latewrite | Column 专栏 | Original | Reads(34999) | Comments(0)]
November 4th, 2008,  Election Day

At around 11:00AM, I have received a text message from a friend from Florida:
“Don’t forget to vote today, Obama!”
Five minutes later, another message came in and puzzled me at first:
“Free tal reg cofe 2day only at Starbucks.go!”
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