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Jul 20
On June 13th, at Riviera Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, meianren.NET did a preliminary interview with Wendy Huang, again on July 10th, an in depth telephone interview with Miss Huang.

meianren: First congratulations on winning Miss Teen Alberta, would your next step be to win Miss Teen Canada, is that correct?
Wendy Huang: 对, 我是代表亚伯达去参加Miss Teen Canada 的选美, 如果我赢的话, 我会代表加拿大去参加Miss Teen World的选美。
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Feb 2
On December 31, New Year Eve, meianren.NET interviewed Ms. Jade Lam (Lam Yuying) from Chicago, IL.  While large cities across the U.S. were getting ready to embrace 2009, rough weather went from coast to coast.  Seattle, among the unprepared, was buried for days in deep feet of snow; New York City, a quick afternoon snow flurry, blown horizontally by gusty wind froze to the pavement adding to the slipperiness on the party goers’ route; In the windy city of Chicago, fringing cold temperature was felt to be near 8 degrees.  

Topics we covered during the interview:
• applicable use of products and testimonial  • strained family obligation v.s. how little time left to develop business  • bought twelve (12) tickets for Miami
MAR: 林小姐,您好,您觉得说英语比较方便,还是说国语比较方便?
JL: 国语可以的, 如果你听得懂我的国语。
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Dec 16
In November, meianren.NET did a follow-up interview with Kaye Zhang. Presented below is our dialogue in its entity, intertitles are for easy readability. The text, although at times somewhat loose, had more soul than we hoped for; and coincides closely with the core principle at meianren.NET, to explore what the heart says privately in a largely publicity occupied setting. In doing so, we hope to bring out more plain truth previously not spoken. A slight role reversal in the interview when questions were asked by both parties (the interviewer and the interviewee) had served this purpose well.

Some topics we covered during the interview:
• a recruiting trip didn't go as planned  • a solution - long term v.s. short term  • blog as means of...  • regarding inability  • the Fouzhou phenomena
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Aug 6
On August 1st, 2008, meianren.NET interviewed Ms. Kaye Zhang, in Queens New York. Kaye graduated from Michigan State University last December. About two months prior to this interview, Kaye has joined MA and has become a distributor. Kaye is a fluent bilingual, for the convenience of our readers, we asked Kaye to talk primarily in Chinese. As we did ask most of the questions in English, we present the entire dialogue in two languages respectively as it occurred.

Some of the topics we spoke of:
  • typical earning per year for a college grad
  • the future of Social Security
  • what draws so many young people particularly college students to the business?
  • in addition of being a MA distributor, what do we do in our spare times?
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